Submitting the Suggestions      

• Suggestion will be submitted by either individual or legal person.  The suggestions must be new and creative related to the services or products concerned the Award.

• Upon receipt of the Suggestion, it will be studied, accepted, rejected or postponed. 

• Prime Minister’s office may request from the submitter/participant additional information, model, documents or studies; this will be without incurring us any costs or expenses.  

• If we become aware that the same suggestion has been submitted by more than one party, the first suggested person will be considered based on the date the suggestion was submitted.

• All intellectual property rights related to the submitted suggestion shall remain the sole property of the participant/ submitter, or original property rights holder. This will apply whether the suggestion awarded or not. If a UAE Federal Government  entity wishes to develop the awarded model, then all the Intellectual Property rights in the developed version will be owned by the that entity. 

• In case of implementing or using the awarded suggestion “as is”, then the intellectual property rights will remain the sole property of the participant /submitter. The winner and the relevant entity will negotiate on the terms of use. 

• The participant/ submitter grant un conditional and irrevocable, royalty free  License to the Prime Minister’s Office to use any and all models, ideas or material associated with their submission for marketing and communication purposes.

• The shortlisted suggestions and the awarded suggestions will be decided solely by The United Arab Emirates – Ministry of cabinet affairs.

• The Prime Minister’s Office also bears no liability for any damages, risks, or legal implications involved with participation in this Award or the pilot phases of the models.

• The participant/ submitter acknowledge that has no knowledge of any legal restrictions or others preventing him/her from participating in the award or submitting the application. 

Furthermore the submitter acknowledge that the ideas and the models owned by him/ her.

Governing Law

All participations will be governed by the Federal laws and its amendments of the United Arab Emirates. UAE Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes.