Our project’s aim is to find a non-invasive solution for hand amputees, whether it be from disease, accidents or genetics. Our aim is to boost their confidence and allow them to perform day-to-day tasks in a comfortable and effortless manner.

Our bionic arm will be 3D printed from a material that is biocompatible. It will be an advanced solution to a problem that is getting very common nowadays. Sometimes there are not many signals in muscles so the solution becomes invasive, and a normal EEG is very expensive and big. We thought of using a meditation headset called MUSE. It uses an EEG to record brain waves. We will use these brain waves to record an ample amount of data to differentiate between finger movement concentration and other thoughts. As we are using servo motors and a simple arduino it will also be economical and affordable.

In order to implement this project we will take dimensions of the person and then print them in a 3D format. While we are doing that we can use MUSE to record data and then classify the signals. The values recorded from these signals will be recorded and fed into a simple arduino code. To get more accurate signals we will ask the person to emote differently (happy, sad and angry) so that we can record his/her different thoughts. Sampling is very essential in getting correct signals.

Once the motors are moving the same code will be stored and then the 3D printed arm will be joined to the amputee. The advantage of 3D printing is that we can change the colour, size and shape of hand. As our arm will be biocompatible there will not be any complication with the health of the person. EEG headset will also not harm the person and he/she can wear it like sunglasses on their head. It’s not just a solution but a solution that does not make you look different than others.

Our aim is to provide a solution for all those who are really in need of it. There are more diseases spreading every single day because of invasive solutions. We as biomedical engineers kept this point also in our minds to make this project as safe as possible. Economical, biocompatible and advance bionic arm. This project will be an innovation in technology, as not everyone can go through invasive surgeries. As to further advances, we are considering adding a sense of temperature in the arm to make it as close as possible to a real arm. This sensor will help the person to detect if their coffee is hot or cold to drink, and helps them keep the arm safe by not touching anything which is hotter than its material can handle. A simple LED can be attached at the back of arm to inform them.