B Motion team

The objective of our project is to provide a reliable and functional system that would take humanity one step further in aiding less fortunate handicapped patients by offering them a better and more independent life.

The project is aimed at handicapped patients, for example quadriplegia patients who have partially or totally lost the ability to use their limbs due to illness or spinal cord injury. Those who are unable to use a conventional joystick, yet their sensory and cognitive brain functions are still intact.

The implementation of the system involves both hardware and software elements. The Neuro-headset, Arduino microcontroller, kinect and electric wheelchair are the main hardware elements.

C-code is used to program the microcontroller. Java based language is used in the processing console to provide user interface and to also link all the system components together. The project will support handicap patients by providing them with a means of independent transportation, allowing them to utilise their maximum potential.


It’s practical application involves a non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) technique that will provide direct interface between brain and computer in order to control the motion of the wheelchair as desired by the user.

The brain-computer interface is based on electroencephalography (EEG) and can be employed to detect user’s thoughts, feelings, and expressions and accordingly issue appropriate commands to the electric wheelchair motor controller.