Eye of Horus team

Eye of Horus is an open source platform to control any device just by looking at them. This device could help physically handicapped people on their tasks. The system combines eye tracking with a frontal camera to know where you are looking. The target devices are identified using light beacons (similar to LiFi technology) and controlled with wireless protocols.


We have developed a simple and low-cost solution to detect and identify the objects in our surrounding. Infrared LEDs are used as light beacons (similar to LiFi technology) emitting different frequency pulses for each device (PC, camera, TV, microwave…). The frontal camera of our dispositive detects this light, differentiating and communicating with the objects when you look at them.

The challenge is to design and build a wearable accessory that could be useful for physically handicapped people in their activities. The device would facilitate their work through a natural interface so they can do different things without using their hands. For instance, interacting with a distant device just by looking at it.

Given the increasing breadth of the Internet of Things (IoT), whereby internet connectivity is now reaching beyond traditional devices like computers, smartphones and tablets to a diverse range of devices and everyday objects, the Eye of Horus could have possibilities in allowing people to control the light level in their kitchens or turning on machines just using your vision. The device, therefore, must have built-in wireless capabilities, which is the base of IoT.


We have decided to make our product using 3D printers so that it is durable. This technology is cheap and easy to build so the device could be replicated worldwide or even in space and to keep the project as an open source platform, both hardware and software.