Intelligent Wells

Intelligent Wells aims to re-think the way we design, build and maintain wells through artificial intelligence. If a well has the ability to sense, talk and think, it will give us real-time updates of the current condition of the water. An Intelligent Well will inform the users of the level of water and help ensure efficient use of the water in critical low water conditions.

Over 30% of the world’s freshwater is underneath the ground. This huge source of water is still not fully accessible by the people in need. As of today, over 783 million people don’t have access to clean water. The world has realised this issue and responded to this crisis. A growing number of water initiatives have evolved in the past decade and many organisations have put the effort to build wells. However, many of these wells are in disrepair.

Inconsistent checking of wells due to high labour costs, unavailability of adequate human capital and delays in laboratory tests have left the people in need of water still suffering.

It is essential to constantly monitor the quality of water and because the cost to do that is so high, a new version of wells will be able to eliminate the long process of hiring a well technician to go to the site. The information of the quality of water will be directly accessible through a system, which constantly monitors the well’s water pressure, bacteria and other dangerous materials, which could be found in the water.


Currently, NGOs face difficulties reaching the most remote areas to build wells. The drilling machinery is not only expensive but can only operate in places it can reach. By recreating a new drilling process that can reach even farther places and dig to deeper grounds, I believe my main objective of delivering clean water to all people, in all areas, all the time will be achieved.