Healthy Robotics

The project proposes a novel compact robotic manipulator with a special configuration that supports a remote center-of-motion attribute, so it has the ability to accurately and conveniently manipulate and re-orient in two degrees of freedom, and to firmly ‘lock’ in place, special purpose surgical tools necessary for minimally invasive therapy.

The new features include a sophisticated joint-link structure and configuration that comprises two accurate links that enable comfortable maneuverability of the end effector or the tool about a pivot point, typically the port of entry of the tool to the patient’s body, while preventing the enlargement of the key hole, in the constrained and limited workspace of surgical environments, hence allowing to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The configuration of the joints also provides an open structure that keeps the robot’s main parts out of the surgeon’s field of view and out of the work area, providing sufficient space in the vicinity of the operative field, or the entry port of the tool to the patient’s internal organs.

The manipulator can be used in manual, autonomous or remote-control modes.